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'I've helped thousands of people remove pain and discomfort from their lives through massage'


To improve the function, mobility and lives of my clients through massage.  


My passion for massage has evolved over the past 15 years, from 'just helping people out' to now literally changing lives - people getting their life back through movement and some no longer requiring surgery.

I have modelled my treatments based on utilising multiple modalities within a single session and believe in treating more that just where it hurts (the symptom) and using all the tools best suited to relieving the pain/injury.

My treatment style is based from knowledge and experience, being from a competitive sporting background - soccer, hockey, athletics, MuayThai fighting, bodybuilding and more recently training for triathlons.  I have had my fair share of pain, injuries and setbacks (disc bulges, breaks, torn ligaments etc.) which has given me a more thorough and understanding approach to my treatments.  The whole 'been there, done that, don't do what I did' saying has a true impact on my treatment style.

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