Remedial I Sports Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial and Sports massage - the treatment of soft tissue in the body.


Regular massage helps with recovery, injury prevention and maintenance.  


It also helps with:

* To help improve circulation,

* Remove toxins,

* Aid in muscle repair and growth,

* Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility,

* Pre and post event massage,

* Stress relief,

* Breakdown of scar tissue,

* Increase performance and awareness of body.

Body Composition

The Evolt 360 Ecosystem consists of a body composition analyser, which utilises an eight electrode multifrequency segmental analysis known as Biometrical Impedance Analysis.

Get access to over 40 different measuring parameters such as Skeletal Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Bone Mineral Content, Protein, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat Levels and Segmental Analysis, B.M.R and Total Energy Expenditure​, Age Match to Body (fitness age) and much much more!

Have you, your clients/athletes hit a plateau or needing an accurate tool of measurement to continue with their training. Monitoring adaptation to new training stimulus, weight changes are difficult to see results, why not use regular scans to help you track these changes


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Meet 'Boss Lady'

Kristy 'Boss Lady' Gentle 


My passion comes from being the person that is always 'broken or sore' and finding the best way to get through it, knowing what I have experienced I can share so my clients  don't have to go through the same pain.

I have a strong junior sporting background and still train now fighting Muay Thai, and strength training at Fighting Fit Physio.


My philosophy when treating is - treat how I would want to be treated, no cookie cutter one size fits all relaxation treatment, as a therapist that is bat sh*t boring. I like the challenge and I LOVE helping.

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